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London escorts vs New York escorts

You may have heard us mention Alan before. Alan is an international business men who has become a keen support of the Better Sex Guide. He enjoys reading the publication, and on top of that he dates London escorts and escorts from all over the world. This week we have asked Alan to join us on our series on “escorts services around the world”. Alan travels a lot and when he visits a city he often dates escorts.

Alan started dating London escorts from charlotteaction.org when he was quite young, and he says that he still prefers to date London escorts. According to him London escorts are both sexy and classy, and London escorts seem to be able to offer something unique. Alan is very honest, and says that he compares all other escorts to London escorts. So far Alan has not been able to meet any escorts who can compare with London escorts.

This week Alan takes a look at New York girls and shares his experience of dating new York girls with us.

New York Escort Services

New York is a huge place, and there are a lot of different escorts agencies here. Some of the specialize, and they offer services such as bondage, all natural and even Swingers night. Duo dating is getting to be popular in New York as well but Alan says that he has never tried it.

First of all, dating in New York is very expensive. All metros are expensive but New York just seem to be out of proportion to many other cities that I have stayed in says Alan. The hourly rates are sky high, and I often find that I only do one or two dates in New York. It is also a city which is really hard to get around in, and it just seems to take forever to get anywhere.

If, you call an escorts service in New York, the girl may not turn up until several hours later, and I don’t like that says Alan. Also, a lot of the girls that date in New York have really overdone the plastic surgery. They have massive boobs, and have more or less become a parody of themselves. I am sort of a natural guy, say Alan, and I don’t really like girls who have massive implants. It is just so fake!

On what is this lip thing – a lot of the girls have had massive collagen implants in their lips and it doesn’t look nice at all. On top of that most of the girls wear to much make up and fake eye lashes. That to me can be really off putting as well. If, you take them out for dinner, they all end up looking really fake and I find that embarrassing.

Dating around the world can be difficult. It sounds like the local New Yorkers have different expectations of their escorts. Perhaps a lot of them do not spend a lot of time with them, and only use one part of the service they offer…

Extreme fetishes caught on camera

Popularity of fetish niche

Fetish porn is rife these days. It was never such before. You can see an escort putting a cucumber in her pussy in the videos. The sufferings are so enchanting that you would never have enjoyed such things before.

About the website

Website fetish-hot is dedicated to extreme fetishes. This is a home for fetish pursuits. For most of the people fetishes sound as a surprising act. On the contrary most people are passionate about it. Once you go through the article you will get a clear idea about the extreme fetishes caught on camera.

Foot fetish

People having a penchant for foot fetish can enjoy the act performed by London escorts or giving it to them. Shoe fetishism is also included in this category. In this video category you find men licking, kissing and masturbating taking foot as the sexual device. You will notice an amazing act of toe job that is far more rounder and promising than the finger. Foot is a powerful to practice fondling.


The videos in this category show you fetishes related to stolen objects. London escorts steal some of your object that you love the most. She derives sexual pleasure from that object. When the man finds that stolen object, he gets excited. His sexual desire gets multiplied. He enjoys the company of his London escort.

Different categories

Different categories in the website include bigboobs, bondage, bodystockings, boots, catsuits, cartoon, clinical, crossdressing, corsets, female domination, facesitting, fisting, gagging, footfetish, gasmask, gothic, gloves, handjob, latex, high heels, leather, male domination, lesbian domination, muscle & fttness, masks, panties, piecing, pantyhouse, pissing, shemale, public and outdoors, smoking, spanking, spandex and lycra, wrestling, whipping, vinyl and PVC, unforms and many more.

Unique experience all the way

Get ready to enjoy the unique act of rape and assault videos. Before enjoying the act of rape you will see girls being assaulted on the street. All the videos are made high quality to make your experience manifold. The brutality has gone to the extreme. Vicious men fuck the girls hard in the movies. You get to see the girls shedding tears while giving blowjobs to hardcore men. Along with forced blowjobs you will get to see pussy ramming shows in the videos.

Control through fetish

You will see London escorts taking control of man as she strokes the man’s dick. She holds the key in her hand. She makes it sure to touch the perfect spot of the man in her hand. To induce ecstasy, she tries her level best. You will get to see various handjob dominations in the videos.

Fetishes and related acts

Various related fetishes include freedom, CBT, cruel, milking table, busty and glory hole blow jobs tease and denial, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, humiliation, abandon orgasms, masturbation instructions, financial domination, foot job and many more.

London Escorts companionship that you are looking for

In the stretching sessions you will get to see London escorts that you always wish for. They all possess beautiful bodies. Their mouth is wise open to accommodate four fingers at a time. You can see them stretching their ass to the maximum extent to go from heaven to a place where you want to go.

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Herfordshire Girls

Hertfordshire escorts may be a little bit out the way, but they are certainly worth a visit. Many business men who travel up and down the country say that they lovely to date Hertfordshire escorts just because they are so sexy. It may sound a bit odd but there must be something that makes Hertfordshire escorts special.

After having heard from so many dates, we though we had better check Hertfordshire escorts out, and find out what it is that makes Hertfordshire escorts so special. So, many dates have contacted us and told us about the great experiences they have had with Hertfordshire escorts in http://charlotteaction.org/hertfordshire-escorts, and why they now only date Hertfordshire escorts. One gentleman that we spoke to hear at the Better Sex offices said that he has for the last three years only dated Hertfordshire escorts and will continue to do so for the rest of his days. That must mean, that there is something really special about Hertfordshire escorts.


Kitty has been working in Hertforshire for the last 16 months and just loves it. She is a petite size 8 who just loves to teach and flirt. Kitty has an amazing appetite for all the best things in love, and will only deliver the best of herself to you. She may initially strike you as innocent and perhaps even restrained, but once you unleash that vulcano that bubbles away underneath the surface, you will be in for a surprise.

She will go from Miss Nice to Miss Naughty in a few seconds, and you will be in for the ride of your life. She works by pleasure principles and will ask you to rate her every move on what she calls her Pleasureometer. That may sound a bit strange but she has one of those hung up in her boudoir, and you will be expected to use it. After that Naughty Kitty has finished with you, you will leave her boudoir a new and revitalized man and at the same time looking forward to seeing Kitty again.

Kitty will not only stimulate your physical needs, she will give you enormous mental pleasure as well, and will play with your mind as well as with everything else. Would you like to meet Kitty and hear her pure? Give her a call.


If you are looking for a fun time in Hertfordshire, you need to get ready to meet Dawn. She is at first a country girl through and through but what lies underneath is a totally different experience. She spent several years working as an escort in New York before coming back to the UK, and has brought a lot of experience.

Not only is this a very stunning fit girl but she loves to use all of her senses, and your senses, to make your date one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life. At 24, she is still very young and has the most amazing 34E bosom to write home about. What ever you fancy doing on a date with Zoe is normally okay with her, She is into the fun and bit unusual side of life, and you will just have a few very pleasurable hours with her.

Safe Water Sport in the Jacuzzi

Sex, or sexy water sports, in a jacuzzi can be great fun but make sure you stay safe. I know many escorts in Surrey who enjoy having sexy fun in water, and some Surrey girls even make into an art form. They have a selection of toys which are perfectly at home for use in the water.

Having fun in the tub

Having sex in the water can be both fun and relaxing. Many Surrey escorts know that their clients enjoy having sexy fun in the water. It may even help them to relax a bit more, and make them feel more at ease.

If, it is your first introduction to sex in water, there are a few things you should consider. If you are in a jacuzzi, it is important to make sure you have safe sex. Condoms can easily come off in a jacuzzi, so it is important to make sure it stays on.

Surrey Escorts who user water therapies a lot should also be careful with their skin. Chlorinated water can easily dry out skin, so perhaps it is not a good idea to spend every night in the jacuzzi with your clients. Try to vary things a bit, one night in the tub and the next night out on the town.

Sex Toys in Water

Surrey Escorts like those on http://cityofeve.com/surrey-escorts/ know that some sex toys are safe in water whilst others are not. It is always better to be careful than sorry. Make sure before you slip into the tub that the toys you are going to use are safe for under water use.

Most of the time manufacturers are very good and point out which toys can safely be used for water sports or fun in the tub. There is now even some toys which are dedicated for water use, and the best bet is to pick one of those.

Sex and Water

As a combination this is perhaps one of the most popular fetishes, and you will find lots of information about this idea online. You might even be able to find girls which specialise in this type of water activity if you search very carefully in Google.

Before you get into the tub or jacuzzi, it is a good idea to have a shower. You may have some oils or lotions on your body which can affect the filters. Replacing filters or having them cleaned professionally can be both costly and time consuming. Surrey escorts do ask their clients to take a shower before they slip into the water.

When I lived in Amsterdam, water sports or water sex, was one of the most popular services offered by escorts working in the Red Light District. Some of them even had a tub in the window and just rolled down the blind when a client arrived. It always used to make me laugh as everybody knew what they were up to.

Having sex in water can soon become addictive and you may find yourself enjoying the experience so much you invest in a whirl pool bath at home. Some people may even take it that little bit further and start enjoying sex in the sea. Why not, there is nothing wrong with that.

Business Trip with an Escort Side Trip

Business trips can have idle time in between every meeting or business event. In order to fill in the idle time out of your business trips, the Essex escorts industry offers providers who can guarantee to make your business trip more exciting.

The Essex escorts industry does not just offer services, but also companionship. The agencies, such as http://charlotteaction.org/essex-escorts/ and Essex houses that promote girls make sure that they are all attractive and can make up an excellent encounter with clients.

Hiring Essex escorts: Something to look forward to during business trips

Business trips do not have something to make business men excited, especially when they are expected to be in various business meetings, events, etc. It has nothing that can be exciting. If you are going to a business trip, it is just your right to give yourself a little pampering from a busy schedule. Why not participate in an extracurricular activity? Isn’t it more exciting than your boring meetings?

A busy schedule in your business trip can be rewarded. You can look for the place’s agencies or houses that provide escorts services in Essex. This can be a very rewarding experience for you. You can also have the opportunity to know how they do sexual or companionship services in their place.

In addition, you can also practice your skills when it comes to communicating with the opposite sex. Essex Escorts do not directly indicate that there is sexual activity involved. At most times, Essex escorts help a client to improve his communication skills towards the female species. For individuals who are in business trips, good communication skills are needed in order to successfully convey messages. Having an Essex escort around can make a client practice more and know more about how to properly and effectively communicate not just to members of the opposite sex, but also to every individual around the meeting room.

Hiring escorts: A way to avoid being alone

Most of the time you are left alone in a hotel room when you are in a business trip. Most individuals who hire Essex escorts do not want to be left alone. The company of a girl in the Essex escorts world can make the stay less boring and less serious from the busy schedule of your business plans.

One of the major questions you need to ask yourself is. “Do I really want to be alone in this hotel room for 2 to 3 days?” To a number of male individuals, it is somehow challenging to just be alone. This is where escorts come in. they function as the companion of a business

man or executive attending a business trip. Being alone does not have to be their worries anymore since they are with Essex escorts.

The experience of a business trip is different from the experience of business trip with an extracurricular activity. To some people, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience since there is a large percentage that they will not be returning to the same place for a business trip.