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A London escort explores sexual fetishes

As London escorts we come across a lot of strange questions and requests. The subject of fetishes has come up quite frequently of late and we just want to help others in London understand the dangers of extreme fetishes. London escorts have complied a list of potential dangerous fetishes that people should probably avoid.

Sex fetishes are specific situations or objects that are used to sexually arouse a person. In some case it is considered a sexual disorder. Most people struggle with their strange fetishes and the fear of rejection from other people. They often resort to hire  london escorts as they are not judgemental, with London escorts clients don’t feel rejected and the privilege of being honest about their desires. There are different types of escorts and escort services which are readily available in most places around London. There are a number of different kinds of sex fetishes from different kind of people around the world. A number of them might be dangerous and deadly.

1. Choking Fetish

This fetish involves choking your partner and cutting off the circulation of oxygen while stroking at the same time London escorts consider this an extremely dangerous intense activity since it allegedly increases sensations and intense orgasm due to lack of sufficient oxygen in the brain. This can lead to untimely death of an individual due to suffocation and a jail sentence to the other person by the authorities.

2. Amputation Fetish

This is a sexual fetish that involves an individual expressing a desire for amputation of specific body parts like limbs and the arms. A person with this fetish has a strong desire to look like an amputee. Most people with this desire normally injure themselves knowingly to force a medical amputation. This measure can result to a severe injury and fatal complications to one’s body if done forcefully without consulting a medical care to get amputated. The desire for amputation can be obsessive and is considered a disorder. It also involves sexual desire for an amputee.

3. Feces Fetish

This a sexual fetish that is felt when the person involved comes into contact with feces and gets the desire to taste, feel or smell the feces. It is an obsessive interest and sexual pleasure associated with feces. London escorts warn that this attraction to defecation and feces for sexual excitement is unhealthy behaviour and it can cause a serious infection or a disease to a person. Some of individuals with this behaviour enjoy defecating on someone or watching people defecate on them. Sexual pleasure can be derived from rubbing one’s genitals through the feces as well.

4. Cannibalism Fetish

People with cannibalism fetish get sexually aroused by the idea of eating another person or being eaten or watching this process. It relates to sexual arousal from oxygen restriction, suffocation and seeing someone die. Most of this behaviour is based on fantasy since it is impractical in the society. London escorts also state this fetish is highly illegal and those who perform such fetishes will be prosecuted.

Extreme fetishes caught on camera

Popularity of fetish niche

Fetish porn is rife these days. It was never such before. You can see an escort putting a cucumber in her pussy in the videos. The sufferings are so enchanting that you would never have enjoyed such things before.

About the website

Website fetish-hot is dedicated to extreme fetishes. This is a home for fetish pursuits. For most of the people fetishes sound as a surprising act. On the contrary most people are passionate about it. Once you go through the article you will get a clear idea about the extreme fetishes caught on camera.

Foot fetish

People having a penchant for foot fetish can enjoy the act performed by London escorts or giving it to them. Shoe fetishism is also included in this category. In this video category you find men licking, kissing and masturbating taking foot as the sexual device. You will notice an amazing act of toe job that is far more rounder and promising than the finger. Foot is a powerful to practice fondling.


The videos in this category show you fetishes related to stolen objects. London escorts steal some of your object that you love the most. She derives sexual pleasure from that object. When the man finds that stolen object, he gets excited. His sexual desire gets multiplied. He enjoys the company of his London escort.

Different categories

Different categories in the website include bigboobs, bondage, bodystockings, boots, catsuits, cartoon, clinical, crossdressing, corsets, female domination, facesitting, fisting, gagging, footfetish, gasmask, gothic, gloves, handjob, latex, high heels, leather, male domination, lesbian domination, muscle & fttness, masks, panties, piecing, pantyhouse, pissing, shemale, public and outdoors, smoking, spanking, spandex and lycra, wrestling, whipping, vinyl and PVC, unforms and many more.

Unique experience all the way

Get ready to enjoy the unique act of rape and assault videos. Before enjoying the act of rape you will see girls being assaulted on the street. All the videos are made high quality to make your experience manifold. The brutality has gone to the extreme. Vicious men fuck the girls hard in the movies. You get to see the girls shedding tears while giving blowjobs to hardcore men. Along with forced blowjobs you will get to see pussy ramming shows in the videos.

Control through fetish

You will see London escorts taking control of man as she strokes the man’s dick. She holds the key in her hand. She makes it sure to touch the perfect spot of the man in her hand. To induce ecstasy, she tries her level best. You will get to see various handjob dominations in the videos.

Fetishes and related acts

Various related fetishes include freedom, CBT, cruel, milking table, busty and glory hole blow jobs tease and denial, forced orgasms, ruined orgasms, humiliation, abandon orgasms, masturbation instructions, financial domination, foot job and many more.

London Escorts companionship that you are looking for

In the stretching sessions you will get to see London escorts that you always wish for. They all possess beautiful bodies. Their mouth is wise open to accommodate four fingers at a time. You can see them stretching their ass to the maximum extent to go from heaven to a place where you want to go.

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